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With our deep expertise in AI, IoT & advanced Robotics, we offer training courses, consultancy and technology development services to academia, industries and organizations.

Courses And Workshops

With our scientifically designed courses and hands-on workshops you can learn and practice all major AI & IoT skills that are highly desired in the fast developing job market. The courses cover general and specialized aspects of technical subfields including but not limited to IoT device development, artificial intelligence, machine translation, deep learning, mechanical design expertise, robotics design and manipulation of robotic systems, etc.

Consulting Services

At iSmriti, we bring together a rich experience of deep expertise in various cutting-edge fields including advanced robotics & control, artificial intelligence, drone development, machine translation, deep learning, IoT device development, etc. With this unique set of expertise in all these fields, iSmriti offers, amongst many, following specialized services to corporates, institutions and organizations:

Recent workshop in IIT-Kanpur

SmritiTek Pvt. Ltd. In association with IIT – Kanpur recently conducted a 25 days hands-on course on IoT and Artificial Intelligence from june 1 to June 25. The course was divided into two variants:


Duration: 15 days

Contents: The course covered essentials of Robotics, IoT and AI using Arduino, R-Pi and different type of sensors

Format: The course had detailed theory and hands-on sessions.


Duration: 25 days

Contents: The course included contents covered in level A and in addition covered special theory and lab sessions on application of IoT and AI in ROS (Robot Operating System) platform.

Format: The course had detailed theory and hands-on sessions.

Project: The attendees also got opportunities to work on guided projects related to specified real-world problems.

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